Bestival 2013

Bestival festival celebrated it’s ten year anniversary this year so it was an extra special party all weekend. It was especially pertinent for me as i got to meet one of my favourite artists of all time, Sir Elton John. I was the only photographer he allowed on stage during his set so I hope you enjoy the exclusive shots at the end of the slide show.

The Art of Dressing Up

‘The Art of Dressing Up’ is Bestival festival’s new book. Bestival is the only festival I photograph and I am very proud to be the only reportage photographer featured in the book with over 170 pages dedicated exclusively to my work.

I first started working with Rob da Bank and Ben Turner in 1997 for Muzik Magazine. Tall tales best untold on beaches and dancefloors around the world sealed a life-long friendship which led to my inclusion into the Bestival family.

Bestival Book

Root Print

In March and April this year I travel to China to work on a personal documentary project called ‘Root Print’ with Chinese artist Echo Morgan. I will be publishing this work in 2014 as a book and limited edition newspaper ahead of ‘Photo Shanghai’.

Giles Broe – Sunday Times

Paul Merton

Gizzi Erskine – Sunday Times

Mille Miglia


Observer Style – Monochrome