Observer Magazine

Bestival 2011

antonio berardi

Beijing 798 Art Zone

I shot these images on a job for a collaboration between Microsoft and Vice magazine (US). The Creators Project showcased digital art from worldwide artists in several cities around the world, on this occasion Beijing.  I was shooting pictures for the magazine and art directing a team of three other photographers setting up seven cameras shooting timelapse films. It was a busy few days.  I was really struck by the contrast of all the amazing futristic art against the industrial backdrop of the 798 Art Zone.

Creators Project

Land of My Fathers

Land of my Fathers, O land of the free,
A land of poets and minstrels, famed men.
Her brave warriors, patriots much blessed,
It was for freedom that they lost their blood.

Wales! Wales!,
I am devoted to my country.
So long as the sea is a wall to this fair beautiful land,
May the ancient language remain.

Emotive words indeed (even if it is the English translation) and It’s not difficult to understand why us Welsh are such a proud bunch. Most of these images were taken in the Gower Peninsula where my mother was born. I visited the area many times as a child but each time I return it seems to grow more and more beautiful. The last shot in the selection was taken looking down onto an enchanting rainbow nestled between the peaks and valleys of Snowdonia after climbing Mount Snowdon for the first time. Many of my closest relatives in Wales have passed away over recent years so visits were becoming few and far between. This trip rejuvenated a love affair with my homeland and inspired a new chapter in my life.