Introspective Landscape

Parque National Torres Del Paine, Patagonian Andes, Chile.
Parque National Torres Del Paine, Patagonian Andes, Chile.

Rounding the corner, so my father couldn’t see her, she broke down. Six weeks of daily visits and a very stiff upper lip had finally caught up with her. I tried to hug and comfort her but ended up in tears myself. I hadn’t seen my Dad at that stage so I was more upset for her; Mum doesn’t cry easily. After fifteen minutes we’d both calmed down a little and we sat in the waiting area until a nurse came to talk to us.

Once strong and rough his hand felt painfully delicate, his skin was like velvet. He was so weak; it killed me. I left the ward in the same state as my mum. You don’t expect those emotions.

Introspective Landscape is a series of panoramic landscape and reportage images taken on a thirty day trek around South America inspired by my late father.

The trip was planned before he fell seriously ill and although I feared to leave him it was clear he wanted me to go.

Free from the mystique and gadgetry of the studio and my commercial work I wanted to reengage with photography in a raw, pure form. It was the thought of my Dad that dragged me from a nice warm tent or hostel before dawn every day. It felt as if by sticking to the task I could somehow stop him getting more ill.

Introspective Landscape traces the parallel physical and emotional journey I traveled. The images were exhibited in November 2007 at The Association of Photographers Gallery.

My father passed away six months after I returned home and although he saw the prints from his hospital bed unfortunately he never got to see the exhibition.